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How do I create emails to use in workflows?

Navigate to the email creator, and select the Automated email type, or when in the workflow, add a workflow action and select Send Email.

From the Marketing tab from the main navigation bar, and select Email. Click Create Email and select the Automated email type which will be sent once they trigger the workflow

Once you’ve edited all of the content and settings within the email template, click Review and save in the upper right hand corner and click Save for automation. You can also Preview what the email will look like.

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You can also create an email within the workflow itself. Select the Automation tab from the main navigation bar and select Workflows from the drop down menu. Either create a new workflow or select an existing workflow.

Create a new workflow action by clicking the + on the workflow, and type in and select Send email. You can then select an existing email, or + Create new email and complete all desired fields.

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