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How do I create marketing emails in HubSpot?

Hover over “Marketing” in the navigation bar and select “Email”. Click “Create email” in the top right corner.

The email marketing tool enables you to create effective and personalised marketing emails to optimise your marketing efforts and fit within the inbound marketing methodology. 

To create a new marketing email, hover over Marketing in the navigation bar and select Email. Click Create email in the top right corner and select which email type you want to create:

  • Regular - create a personalised email to send to a segment of your contacts.
  • Automated - create an automated, personalised email which is sent when the contact triggers a workflow.
  • Blog/RRS - create an email which is sent to contacts once you’ve published new content to your blog or RSS feed.

Once you’ve selected the desired email type, you can either click the “Drag and drop” tab to use an existing email template or click the “Custom” tab to create your own email template.