How do I export records from HubSpot?

Navigate to the records you want to export. Choose which view you want to export. In the top right hand corner, click Table Actions and click Export View.

From the navigation bar at the top, hover over:

  • Contacts and either click on Contacts or Companies.
  • Sales and select Deals.
  • Service and click Tickets.

Ensure you are in the table view of the records you are viewing, by selecting Table View, in the top left corner.

Choose which view you want to export the records from. In the top right hand corner, click Actions and click Export View.

Once the export tab has been brought up, choose which file format you would like the exported records to be viewed in. If you are exporting contacts records, select the checkbox if you want to also export their email addresses. 

Select whether you’d like to export just the properties in the table columns, or all properties held against the record. 

Click Export, and you will receive an email with a link to view the exported records.