How do I manage my dashboards?

In the dashboards section of HubSpot, you are able to individually edit your dashboards or you can do it in bulk to ease the process.

Navigate to Reports from the main navigation bar and select Dashboards from the dropdown menu. In the top left hand corner, click the name of the current dashboard you are in, and select Manage dashboards from the bottom of the dropdown menu. 

Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 15.04.37

You can then select the checkbox next to each dashboard name to singularly or bulk edit, and either: Delete, Change owner or Manage access of the selected dashboards. Or you can hover over the name of the dashboard to:

  • Clone the dashboard to use as a template for another one, which will copy all of the information currently stored in that dashboard.
  • View the Dashboard details, where you can then change the name and owner of the dashboard, as well as add a description.
  • Set as default, so it is the dashboard that is immediately shown when you navigate into the dashboard section from the main navigation bar.
  • Manage access
  • Delete the dashboard

Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 15.09.31