How do I record a sales call in HubSpot?

In Contacts, select the contact you wish to call and click the call icon. Click Record in the top right corner

In your HubSpot account, navigate to Contacts > Contacts.

Click the name of a contact.

In the left panel, click the call icon.

If a contact has opted out of all communication, you will need to give the contact a one-time legal basis to communicate with them before making a call. In the dialog box, click Give one time legal basis to assign a lawful basis and explain why you're allowed to communicate with the contact. You will need to assign lawful basis to contacts who have opted out of all communication even if the GDPR setting is turned off in your account.

In the dialog box, click the Call dropdown menu to select the phone number to call.

In the dialog box, click the From dropdown menu to select the phone number to call from.

Click the dropdown menu and select Call from phone or Call from browser.

To record the call, click Record in the top-right. Call recording will be automatically enabled for one-party consent states. For all other areas, you'll need to get consent from the party you are calling in order to enable recording. In this case, you'll receive an alert after clicking Record. Make sure you inform the contact that you're recording the call, then click I have informed them.

Please note: if you stop recording during a call, none of the call recording will be saved. Learn more about why your call recording may not save.