How do I set up lead scoring in HubSpot?

In Settings, locate the Property tab. Search for HubSpot Score and click Edit. Click add new set next to positive attributes and negative attributes. Add your chosen attribute and click Done when finished.

First, in the navigation bar of your HubSpot portal click on the Settings icon. Then in the left-hand side locate to the property tab and click it.

In the search bar type in HubSpot Score. When you find HubSpot Score click edit.

From here you can add positive or negative attributes. To do this there is an add new set next to positive attributes and negative attributes. 

After clicking add new set, add the attribute you like to add. Then click done.

To change the score a lead gets when they’ve met the criteria click on the edit icon. Enter the new score then click set

When you’re happy with the attributes click save. After clicking save all your contacts will be reevaluated with the new attributes. It can take a few minutes.