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How do I set up pop-up forms in HubSpot?

In the navigation bar go to Marketing > Lead capture > Forms > Create form. Choose what form you want to create then customise for the user.

The HubSpots pop-up form feature allows you to create engaging lead capture forms to attract new leads. Pop-up forms can be used on blogs, landing pages, and website pages hosted in HubSpot. 

To find forms within your HubSpot portal go-to marketing within the navigation bar. Then scroll down to lead capture and click forms

Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 14.06.47 (1)

In the top right handside, and click create form

From there select the type of pop-up form you want to use. You have the option of 4 types of pop-up forms. 

  1. Pop-up box: appears as a pop-up box on your page.
  2. Dropdown banner: appears as a dropdown banner from the top of your page.
  3. Slide-in box left/right: appears as a slide-in box from the bottom left or right of your page.

Once done click next in the right handside. 

Once you have selected what type of form you would like to use. You will be guided over to the call out section. From here you will have the option to:

  1. Add a feature image.
  2. Callout text. - The main header on the callout [this is required] .
  3. Callout body - This is additional copy to give information or details on the callout. 
  4. Callout button text.
  5. Theme color
  6. Link button. You have many options for the button to link to. These are as follows:
    a) Form step
    b) Non-HubSpot URL
    c) HubSpot page or blog post 
    d) File download
    e) Meeting link
    f)  Calendar event

    Once done click next in the right handside. 

    On the form tab you will be able to customise your form your customers can see. Within this section you can have the option to customise the following: 

    1. Form body
    2. Added fields
      a) To add new form fields click Add another form field. A dropdown will appear and then click Select a field. Then from here you will be able to find the field you would like to add. 
      1. Form button text
      2. Notice and consent / legitimate interest (GDPR)
      3. Language (You will be able to set the form language)
      4. Set lifecycle stage (choose the lifecycle stage contacts who submit the pop-up form will have.)
      5. CAPTCHA (You can enable CAPTCHA to your form)

      Once done click next in the right handside.

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