How do I use event tracking?

Within the Chrome web store, search for the HubSpot Analytics extension. When installed, head to the webpage you want to track events on and select the plugin in the top right of your browser.

Event tracking is a fundamental tool to use which allows you to track how your website visitors are interacting with your site. 

A really quick and easy way to create events in HubSpot is to firstly, go to the Chrome web store (if you are using Google Chrome browser). Secondly, you want to search for the HubSpot Chrome extension called HubSpot Analytics. This is a really useful tool which is going to allow you to create events quickly and with ease.

Once the tool is installed, you can head to the webpage you want to track events on and then select the Chrome plugin on the top right side of your browser window.

Click Look for a Selector and scroll to the part of the page you want to track. This could be a menu button for example. Once you have selected what you want to track, you can name the event. This will then be saved automatically in your HubSpot portal.

Navigate to Reports > Analytics Tools > Events to view the custom events you have set up. Lastly, you can create lists in HubSpot to see who has carried out certain event.