How much time will my team need to make available for the different types of onboarding?

For a guided onboarding, the time can be adapted to how long you are able to dedicate. For a managed onboarding, you would need to dedicate at least half a day per week, possibly more during the initial planning stage.

How much time you will need to make available for an onboarding project will ultimately depend on the type of onboarding, how quickly you want to move, and how much you have to implement.


During a guided onboarding, we can adapt the process to how much time you are willing and able to dedicate. For example, if someone can dedicate all their time to onboarding, then we can fill it. Similarly, if you only have two hours per week, we can space it out to suit your needs. During a managed onboarding, we would need at least half a day per week from your team. During the initial planning stage we may require more time.