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How to add a Video Module in an Email

Go to Marketing and select email. Then locate the email you would like to add a video to and select Edit. Select the video option, and choose which video option you'd like to use.

First, go to Marketing in the navigation bar.  Then scroll down to Email

From here, locate to the email you would like to add a video to. Click Edit. 

*Please ensure that the email template you use is a drag and drop one*

Once in the editor, in the content section, select the video option and slide the module to the desired location. 

When this is done, you can choose to use an embedded video or a HubSpot video.

Depending on the type of video used, you'll be able to customize your thumbnail, player colour, and player button colour. HubSpot Video customers can also add Forms & CTAs.

Some email clients don't support video playing; this module will automatically place a thumbnail in your email. When clicked, the thumbnail will open a landing page to play the video.