How can I create a content staging page?

In Marketing, locate Websites and click Website pages. In there, click More tools, then Content staging

To get to the content staging section of your Hubspot portal go-to Marketing then go down to Website then click on Website pages.

Once in the website pages scroll down to and click More tools in the left hand side column.

Then click on the Content staging

When in the content staging section find the page you would like to stage then click the orange Stage button.

Then you’ll be shown two options. These options beings:

  1. Stage a clone of an existing page - Use this option if you want to keep some of your existing content on the redesigned page.
  2. Stage a blank page to replace an existing page - Use this option if you want to create a completely new page to replace an existing URL on your site. The page you design in content staging will ultimately replace the original live page you're staging.

Once you have selected the relevant option you’ll be able to make the changes. After you have done your changes click Published to staging.  

After the redesign is complete then go to the Publish section on the content staging area and click Publish to live domain.

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