How do I create reports for specific HubSpot campaigns?

In Reports, go to Create Custom Report. From there, choose the type of report, then go on to define your metrics.

You want to create reports for specific campaigns in HubSpot? The first point of call is to define what you want to measure, whether that is email, social, ads, landing page or blog activity. Within each section in HubSpot you will be able to find reporting in the Analyse view.

You can find a campaign breakdown which will tell you the stats for each campaign.

How to create custom reports for campaigns:

You can create a variety of different custom reports. Head over to Reports > Create Custom Report:

  • Single object - Use this when you only have one object to report on i.e. Contacts, Companies, Deals, Activities, Tickets, Products or Feedback submissions.
  • Cross object - Use these reports when you need to report across two dimensions such as Contacts and Deals.
  • Funnels - Use this report if you want to report through the process of a Contact, Deal or Event funnel.
  • Attribution - Use this report to see what interactions drove revenue in your HubSpot portal.

Next, you will need to define the metrics you want to measure and load in the properties into the reporting column on the left.

Once you have selected the properties you want to report on, simply drag and drop the ones into the column on the right. The filter column in the top right allows you to filter your reports even further to drill down into the relevant information you want to see. Some common filters we use include date ranges.

Take a look at our article on how to build custom reports for more information: