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How to set up conversational intelligence

Navigate to Calling from Settings, then select Connect Calling and authorise this. Click Objects, then Activities and tick Allow call recordings. Turn on Transcription and Analysis. When calling a contact, click Record and Save once finished.

Hubspot Calling:

From your Hubspot homepage, click the settings icon in the top right corner, then select calling and connect calling

Enter the phone number that you would like to associate this with and choose how you would like to receive the code to verify your number. 

Enter the code that you receive when prompted to verify your phone number.


In the settings panel on the left side, go to Objects and then to Activities

Under Call Recording, tick the box to allow call recording

Turn on Transcription and Analysis.

Navigate to Contacts at the top of the page, click contacts again and then go into the contact record of the person you would like to call and select the call button underneath their name. 

Click record and inform the prospect that you are recording and then save the call once it is finished. After it has been processed, go to calls and look at their recordings. When you click on the recording, it will come up with a transcript and the recording. 



Please note: to set up conversational intelligence using Zoom, you need to be a Super Admin in HubSpot, have a Zoom Enterprise account and have admin permissions for the Zoom account


From the Hubspot homepage, navigate to the app marketplace in the top right corner and type Zoom into the search bar. 

Click Install App to integrate Zoom with Hubspot. 

Once integrated, follow the steps above under Hubspot calling.