How to set up forecasting tools within HubSpot

Before setting up the Forecasting tool, you need to set up your Sales goals. Once set up, go to Settings, Objects, then Forecast. Select the pipeline you would like to enable forecasts for, then toggle on.

Before you can set up HubSpot’s forecasting tool you need to set up your Sales goals

To set up your sales goals locate the Setting button on the navigation bar.

In Settings, go down to Tracking & Analytics and click on Goals.

Click the orange button labelled Create.

After that, select the type of goal i.e. Sales or Service goal.

Select the goal measurement. You have the 4 following options:

  1. Calls made
  2. Deals created
  3. Meetings booked
  4. Revenue 

If you select Deals created or Revenue then you can select the relevant pipeline. After that, select which user this goal is for. 

Once complete, click save. 

After this, you can select the goal for each month. 

Now that the goal is set up, you now can set up your forecast tool.

First, go to your HubSpot portal and select the Settings option. 

In the left-hand bar, scroll down to the Objects option, and select Forecast.

Then under Select a pipeline to set forecast categories select the pipeline you would like to enable forecast on.

After that, go to the section named Automate forecast categories and turn the toggle on.

To pick what columns, in Customise forecast columns, click Customise and select what you would like to be shown.

Select the categories you wish to be shown. The column next to the dialogue is where you can amend your forecast probability. Once complete, click Save.