How can I track my website's performance in HubSpot?

HubSpot allows you to track website activity through the reporting function. The website traffic is measured and tracked using the HubSpot tracking code.

All HubSpot made websites are automatically tracked. However, if your website is hosted outside of HubSpot, you will need to ensure the tracking code has been implemented correctly on your website.

  • Locate the  Reports > Analytics Tools
  • Click Traffic Analytics
  • Use the Date range and Frequency dropdown menus to filter the data to a specific time range.
  • You can show your analytical view to segment your website data or you can view all analytics activities which will show you all the data.
  • The offline sources checkbox gives you the option as to whether you want to include people in your CRM which have an offline source through data import.

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Next, the sources chart gives you a breakdown of all website traffic (in your selected parameters). You can change the metric by using the toggle and also change the style of the graph.

The sources table allows you to dive deeper into each metric by source. This table can be sorted by highest to lowest or lowest to highest for each metric.

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