How to use workflows to enroll/unenroll from a sequence

Go to Workflows, then Create workflow. Choose the enrollment trigger for the workflow, then click the ‘+’ to add an action. Scroll down to external communication and choose to Enroll to sequence or Unenroll from sequence.

From your HubSpot homepage, go to Automation, then to Workflows. 

In the top right corner, click Create workflow


Choose what type of workflow it is and then give it a name at the top, then click Next.

Choose the enrollment criteria for the workflow. 


Click the ‘+’ icon and go down to External Communication, then choose Enrol in a sequence. 


Choose which sequence to enrol them in, and then add a sender and the sender’s email address. Then click Save.


To unenroll from a sequence, click the ‘+’ button and scroll down to External Communication, then choose Unroll from sequence.


Click Save.