Who needs to be involved in a HubSpot onboarding from the client’s side?

Anyone that is going to be using HubSpot and are relevant to the subject matter and use case. It is important to have a key decision-maker as a point of contact so they can manage and delegate. You can introduce new users along the way.

The most obvious people to involve would be anyone who’s going to be using HubSpot. This depends on your objectives and what you want to achieve, so you’ll need to involve those who are relevant to the subject matter and use case. 


Other people who you may want to involve would be the people who manage your website but aren’t in the marketing department. This is because there are basic things that need to be set up in order to allow the marketer to use the other tools. These people will need to come onto the first call.


It is important to make sure you have a key decision maker as a point of contact. This is so they’re able to manage the product and be able to delegate from beginning to end. They will also know the team well and who is involved with what, so they are entrusted to make decisions on who works on what.


You should introduce new users when you feel it is the right time to. In most cases, this will be once the basic things have been set up so it’s usable for the new users. This will depend on your use cases as it could be sooner or later.