Why do I need HubSpot onboarding?

HubSpot onboarding allows you to work towards your goals by providing support whilst learning the functions of HubSpot. Onboardings allow you to learn hands-on, allowing you to become self-sufficient by the end.

Onboarding is a guided consultation designed to help you work towards your goals with HubSpot. They are usually for a set amount of time and the aim is to help fast track you to your HubSpot use cases.


The purpose of onboarding is to reduce time to value for you and alleviate frustrations from the beginning to help you succeed in your HubSpot journey. Sometimes, you can have a bad experience when you don’t have the help from the outset, as you are left to your own devices, where you can end up spending too much time trying to figure out all the basic functions of HubSpot.


Onboarding is about taking a simple tool and applying it to use cases that are more difficult. This is done by making sure the tool is being used and adapted in a way that will best serve your business. HubSpot tools can do sophisticated things and when they are used well, it will help to serve those business specific use cases. 


An advantage of onboarding is that it involves practical implementation, meaning you can learn hands on, resulting in you being self-sufficient by the end of it. However, onboarding isn’t just training you on HubSpot, as there are several other assets you can do instead of just training.