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How To Create An Inbound Sales Process In Technology Firms

Inbound sales is a must-have for any technology business wishing to differentiate and modernise their sales process.

However, rolling out an inbound sales and marketing engine is as much about embracing a new philosophy as using new technology.

In this B2B Growth Webinar, Brian Sexton, (Sales Principal, EMEA for HubSpot) shares his experience of running sales processes for one of the world’s fastest growing SAAS companies. He discussed the processes, methodologies and technology that all sales teams need to close more deals faster in 2019 and beyond.

Here are some of the topics that Brian covered in this webinar:

  • The importance of solution discovery
  • Why persona’s matter in sales
  • Prospecting with lead intelligence
  • Running a sales call with video
  • Productivity boosting sales technology

Whether you are a tech startup, channel partner, or global software or hardware business, Brian's insights and tips will help you progress to the next level. 


Watch the recording:


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