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Our signature 60-day onboarding allows you to get up and running as quickly as possible with a HubSpot instance that is seamless and perfectly tailored to your business!

hubspot onboarding diamond solutions partner
Get Your HubSpot Off The Ground In No Time!

Due to our expertise in HubSpot and our status as a Diamond Solutions Partner, we can onboard you faster and more strategically than the HubSpot-offered onboarding.

We can help you get from inception to implementation in no time! From HubSpot CRM and CMS to the Service, Marketing and Sales Hubs, we have mastered it all, and we love sharing our knowledge with our clients, including these:

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What Is Onboarding?

When we onboard HubSpot clients we create a tailor-made and unique service to fit your needs, starting with a video call where we can establish your goals, needs and requirements and define the systems we need to integrate with the HubSpot CRM.

Once we’ve got an understanding of your company we can start the technical onboarding which encompasses a few different elements, including, but not limited to:


→ Portal configuration
→Data uploads & migrations
→Website, social & paid media integration
→Email configuration
→Template design & deployment
→Campaign setup
hubspot onboarding

Get Off The Ground In No Time!

To make the most of your investment we will ensure that your business’ data is uploaded, optimised and available as fast as we can.

Our team here at BBD Boom will then walk you through your programme, culminating in launching your first campaign, which will ensure you are getting those precious leads in ASAP!

hubspot onboarding

What’s Included?

1.  End-End Technical Setup
2. Weekly Progress & Coaching Call
3. Hands-On Training Inside Your Portal, With Your Data

hubspot onboarding scoping

Weeks 1-3: Scoping

During this time, we'll spend time with your team getting to know your business processes, use cases and requirements. We will develop detailed plans for each deliverable in the onboarding, ensuring every aspect of the portal can be utilised by your team and in your campaigns straight away.

hubspot onboarding portal configuration

Weeks 4-6: Portal configuration

For the next few weeks, we'll start configuring the portal to meet your needs, from basic settings to advanced automations. Once configuration is complete, we can help you migrate your data into HubSpot via CSV or integration.

hubspot onboarding advanced functionality

Weeks 6-8: Advanced Functionality

Finally, we will start to configure some of HubSpot's more advanced tools, from playbooks to chatbots and in-depth reporting. At the end of this configuration period, we will train your team on how to use the portal, making sure they can confidently progress a deal, set up a campaign or resolve a ticket, as well as utilise the more advanced functionality.


hubspot onboarding follow-up training

And beyond!

Our onboarding doesn't end after week 8 - we're here as your strategic partners moving forward. Every onboarding includes a follow-up training to resolve teething issues or cover more advanced features, and support packages are available for those who want to really nail down their platform utilisation.

Start onboarding NOW!

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