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Inbound vs Outbound and how to make them play nicely

Inbound and outbound are often seen as two opposing forces in lead generation.

In this webinar, the gloves came out as they bob and weaved between the inbound and outbound methodologies.

Also find out how when they play nicely and work together, they can be an unstoppable lead generation powerhouse.

Topics include:

  • Pros & cons of inbound marketing and outbound sales/marketing
  • The six step process to warm up the right prospects with inbound:
  • Lead sourcing
  • Lead magnets
  • Automated email outreach
  • Social selling
  • Prospect retargeting with social advertising
  • Prospect retargeting with banner ads
  • Four inbound triggers to make outbound more successful:
  • Social media engagement
  • Target company website visit
  • Prospect website revisit
  • Lead scoring triggers

Watch Inbound Marketing expert Adam Lewis & Outbound Marketing expert Dan Vanrenen battle against which methodology works best, showing you how mastering them both can make a huge impact to your ROI.

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