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How RevOps can support growth for B2B tech firms

Watch the recording of our first event as B2B Technology - HubSpot User Group Leaders. We explore RevOps in B2B tech firms and demo the new Operations Hub.

May 27, 2021

Resource Overview

In our first B2B tech HUG, we took an honest look at the opportunities and challenges of building out RevOps capability in your business.

We were joined by Jonny Day, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of fast growth SaaS firm; Learnerbly, as we explore his trials and tribulation of joining-up revenue generating teams and processes at B2B technology businesses.

We were also joined by Maggie Butler, Marketing Team Manager & owner of the RevOps Marketing program at HubSpot, who spoke to us about how HubSpot is supporting today’s revenue operators with education, content, and resources through their marketing channels & programs.

During the session, Senior Solutions Engineer, Jack Coldrick take us through a live demo of the new HubSpot Operations Hub.

The HUG Event will be of interest to anyone from sales, finance, marketing, customer success, operations and even IT.

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