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How to Use Email Marketing to Nurture Cold Leads

If you’re importing contacts from events, partners or third-party sources and attempting to sell to them straight away, you’ve probably figured out that that usually goes down like a lead balloon. Open rates are low, click through rates are even lower, and conversions… well, let’s not even mention them. But what else can you do? You need this infusion of new contacts, so how can you warm them up in order to sell to them more effectively?

Email nurturing is an incredibly powerful strategy and has the capability of turning your list of cold leads into one that’s hot to the touch, yielding great results and generating revenue for the business. In this webinar, Byrony Seifert of TechTarget and Sam Gale of BBD Boom will explore the why and how of email marketing for a cold audience.

You’ll learn:

  • Why nurturing cold leads is so important
  • How to build a nurture strategy
  • Content tips to improve results
  • How to sustain the strategy moving forward

Additionally, you’ll come away with plug-and-play templates for nurture sequences you can use to start seeing results right away.

To watch the webinar on-demand, simply fill out the form on this page, and you'll be redirected to the recording. Enjoy!


Kick-start your email nurture strategy to warm up cold leads today

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