How can I set up smart content in HubSpot?

Locate the asset you want the smart content on, then find the module within it that you want to add it to. Click pencil icon then click Add a smart rule. From there, decide what factor the smart content will be based on.

First, to set up smart content you need to locate the blog, website page, landing page or email you wish to have the smart content on. 

From there you will need to find the exact module you want to have the smart content. 

To get to the smart content options you will have two options. The first option is that you will need to click the pencil icon like the one pictured below. After that you will see in the left bar you will have the option to add a smart rule.

The second option is to click the double squares pictures below.


You are allowed to show different content based on the following:

  1. Country
  2. Device type
  3. Referral source
  4. Preferred language
  5. Contact list membership
  6. Lifecycle stage

**If you are trying to use smart content on an email you will only have the option to show different content based on lifecycle stage or contact list management**

Once you have picked when you want the content to show. Click add smart rule

Once you added the smart rule click save. You have now made a smart rule. 

To edit the content to show something different, in the left bar click editing for dropdown and click the smart rule you recently made. 

After that, make the changes to the content. When done, click apply changes.

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