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Make HubSpot a BDR's Best Friend

Not using HubSpot's sales tools to their full capacity? Scroll down to check out our latest instructional video series aimed at helping sales reps sell more effectively using HubSpot.

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How do I start my day-to-day?
Inbound Executive, Katie Townsend, talks us through how to use tasks and follow-ups to help you know where to start your day.
How do I know what to say on the phone?
Inbound Executive, Katie Townsend, shows us how to use the playbooks feature and how it can help you know what to say to your prospects.
How do I build relationships and talk effectively?
Imogen Where, Inbound Specialist, shows us how to use the contact record in HubSpot to help you see all the information you need about a prospect.
How do Identify hot and priority leads?
Imogen Where, Inbound Specialist, shows us how to use lead scoring, company scoring and target account settings to help you identify hot and priority contacts.
Who do I not call?
Senior Inbound Specialist, Tommy Price, goes over how to use exclusion lists, disqualification and HubSpot automation to know who you shouldn't be calling when reaching out to prospects.
How do I identify target accounts?
Tommy Price, Senior Inbound Specialist at Boom, walks us through how to use target account settings and the target account dashboard within HubSpot.

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