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New HubSpot Updates to Keep Your Eye On!

February 02, 2021

Take a look at the Solutions Teams’ favourite HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hub updates from the last couple of months.

Now that the 45th day of January is over, let's go over the Solutions Teams’ favourite HubSpot updates from the last couple of months. So sit back, get a cuppa and let's start!

Marketing Hub

Revenue Attribution Reporting

HubSpot has greatly updated the revenue attribution reporting tool. Attribution reporting now includes event registration, event attendance, and video views. This now allows you to get a more rounded view of all key events that lead to your contacts becoming a customer. 

Curious to see if your videos lead to sales? Well, now you can! Just access the settings page from the attribution report builder. Scroll to the bottom of the Configure tab and you will see three new interaction types: Viewed video, Registered for a marketing event, and Attended marketing event. Toggle these 'on,' click the orange 'Save' button below it, and your portal will begin reprocessing.

If you use videos or events as a part of your customer journey, then this tool is for you.

Available on: Marketing Enterprise


Individual Report Partitioning

Got multiple different users and teams in your portal? This update is perfect to segment your team by which reports they can see. Individual Report Partitioning means that you can allow each team to see reports that are relevant to them and their work. 

To do this first navigate to Reports > Select Reports from the dropdown > Select the left-hand side category labelled "Not in Dashboards" > Hover over the report you would like to partition > Click the Actions button that appears > Select Manage Access > Choose if you want Private, Public or Specific users and teams > Save your changes.

Available on: Marketing and Sales professional and enterprise

Sales Hub

Video Module in Email

Want to add a video in an email? With this new update, you can! Now a part of HubSpot’s email drag and drop, this feature will help to take your emails to the next level, giving your customers a customised experience. To use this feature, you can either embed the video using a link or input it using HubSpot video. 

To do this, go to the content editor and you'll see a video module listed alongside the other "Common modules" under the "Add" tab. Drag and drop this module into your email. Use the left panel to select the type of video you want to embed on the page. You can select a video from the files tool, insert a video URL, or enter an embed code. Depending on the type of video used, you'll be able to customize your thumbnail, player colour, and player button colour. HubSpot Video customers can also add Forms & CTAs.

Because email clients don't support video playing, this module will automatically place a thumbnail in your email. When clicked, the thumbnail will open a landing page to play the video.

Available on: Marketing and Sales Starter/Pro/Enterprise


Forecast Team Roll-up

Are you a sales manager that wants to have a ‘roll-up’ view to quickly see the high-level forecast for the organisation broken down by team? Well this update is for you! Get the metrics you need without spending valuable time trying to get them.

To see this view, simply go to the Forecast app; users can toggle to "Team view" and click on team names to navigate up and down the team hierarchy they've set up in Users & Teams.

Available on: Sales Professional and Enterprise 

Now that you have our top picks, go forth and try them out. I promise they won’t disappoint you!

If you're interested in learning more, click to get in touch.

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