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Understanding HubSpot's Seat-Based Pricing Model

February 26, 2024

Discover HubSpot's new seat-based pricing model. What are the benefits and how the changes will affect you? Find out now.
Understanding HubSpot's Seat-Based Pricing Model

HubSpot has introduced a new pricing model that will take effect from 5th March, 2024, focusing on flexibility, scalability, and connectivity across its product offerings. This model adopts a seats-based pricing strategy for all Hubs and subscription types - Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. Discover the ins and outs of HubSpot's recently updated pricing model and how it affects new and existing customers. 

Overview of HubSpot's new pricing model

HubSpot has recently introduced a new pricing model that aims to provide customers with more flexibility and value. The new model is seat-based, meaning that pricing is determined by the number of users or seats required for your team. This allows businesses to scale their usage of HubSpot according to their needs and only pay for the seats they use.

With the new pricing model, HubSpot offers different tiers based on the number of seats required. This allows businesses of all sizes to find a pricing plan that suits their needs and budget. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, HubSpot has a tier that can accommodate your team size and requirements.

With this change, seat minimums for Sales Hub and Service Hub will be removed and the Core Seat and View-Only Seat will be introduced. 

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Overall, HubSpot's new pricing model offers businesses more control over their usage and costs. It provides the flexibility to scale up or down as needed, ensuring that you only pay for what you use. This can result in significant cost savings for businesses, especially those with fluctuating team sizes.

You can learn more about the new pricing model here.

Seat types and what they mean

HubSpot's new pricing model introduces different seat types, each designed to accommodate different user roles and access levels within the platform, enhancing the overall flexibility and scalability of HubSpot's offerings. These seat types include Core Seat, View Seat, Sales Seat, and Service Seat. Each seat type comes with its own set of features and benefits, allowing businesses to choose the one that best suits their requirements. Learn how to manage your seat types and permission here.

Here's a breakdown of the new seat types and their capabilities:

1. Core Seat

  • Access Level: The Core Seat gives you access to all the features that come within your subscription, including the Smart CRM, which includes a ton of value that fuels all of our hubs. This seat type is designed for active users who need full access to create, edit, and manage data across HubSpot's suite of tools, such as CRM Administrator, Operations, Marketers, and Website Developers. Core seats do not provide access to Sales and Service. Additional core seats can be purchased as needed but a set of them is included in each Hub purchase.

  • Use Cases: Maintain data model (contacts, companies, deals, tickets, custom objects), Manage automated processes and integrations, Customise the CRM (properties, objects), Generate reports and dashboards, Manage content (web pages, social media, paid ads, marketing emails), Manage portal and user settings.

2. View-Only Seat

  • Access Level: The View-Only seats are free and unlimited for all paid portals. This seat type is useful for roles focused on monitoring and analysis rather than direct, hands-on management of customer relationships or campaigns​, such as Managers or C-Suite members. 

  • Use Cases: As the name suggests, the View-Only Seat allows users to view HubSpot features without the ability to edit. With this seat you can view reports, dashboards, KPIs, campaigns and lists. This seat provides a cost-effective way for additional team members to stay informed and aligned with business activities on the HubSpot platform without incurring the full cost associated with Core Seats.

3. Sales & Service Seat

  • Access Level: The Sales and Service seats provide access to everything included in the Core seat plus additional sales and service features that support 1:1 customer conversations, such as calling and conversational intelligence. This seat type is recommended for all Sales or Service reps, including Sales Managers, Sales Enablement, Account Manager, Business Developers, etc. 

  • Use Cases: Send prospecting emails, Participate in lead or ticket routing, Make calls to prospects or customers, Use SLAs and ticket handoffs, Create and manage goals, Manage and use enablement resources (playbooks, documents, templates), Use forecasting functionality.

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What are the benefits of HubSpot's new pricing model?

HubSpot's new pricing model offers several benefits for businesses:

1. Flexibility: The seat-based pricing model allows businesses to scale their usage of HubSpot according to their needs. This means you only pay for the seats you use, providing flexibility to adjust as your team size fluctuates.

2. Cost savings: With the new pricing model, businesses can potentially save costs, especially those with fluctuating team sizes. The ability to add or remove seats at any time ensures that you're only paying for what you need.

3. Access to all features: The new pricing model provides businesses with access to all of HubSpot's features and tools, regardless of the pricing tier. This means you can take advantage of all the capabilities that HubSpot has to offer, no matter the size of your team.

4. Easy scalability: As your business grows, you can easily add more seats without any hassle. This allows you to seamlessly scale your usage of HubSpot as your team expands.

Overall, HubSpot's new pricing model offers businesses more control, flexibility, and cost savings, while still providing access to all the features and tools needed for successful marketing and sales operations.

An overview of the updated pricing changes

HubSpot Seat Based Pricing Model

1. HubSpot Starter Prices

All amount reflect monthly pricing:

  • Starter Tier: £14 per seat, 1 core seat included. 

2. HubSpot Professional Prices

All amount reflect monthly pricing:

  • Marketing Hub Pro: £780, 3 core seats included.
  • CMS Hub Pro: £380, 3 core seats included.
  • Operations Hub Pro: £700, 1 core seat included.
  • Sales Hub Pro: £85 per seat.
  • Service Pro: £85 per seat.
  • CRM Pro: £1,050, 3 core seats, 1 sales seat, and 1 service seat included.
  • Additional Pro Core Seat: £44 per seat. 

3. HubSpot Enterprise Prices

All amount reflect monthly pricing:

  • Marketing Hub Enterprise: £3,000, 5 core seats included.
  • CMS Hub Enterprise: £1,050, 5 core seats included.
  • Operations Hub Enterprise: £1,740, 1 core seat included.
  • Sales Hub Enterprise: £135 per seat.
  • Service Hub Enterprise: £115 per seat.
  • CRM Enterprise: £3,480, 5 core seats, 1 sales seat, and 1 service seat included.
  • Additional Enterprise Core Seat: £70 per seat. 

How does the new pricing model affect new and existing customers?

1. For New Customers

The new pricing model will be available for all new customers globally starting 5th March, 2024.

  • Accessibility: The new pricing model, especially the introduction of Core and View-Only seats, makes HubSpot more accessible to businesses of all sizes. Startups and small businesses can benefit from the scalability of the pricing model, starting with what they need and scaling up as their business grows.

  • Customisation: New customers can tailor their HubSpot usage more closely to their team's needs, choosing between different seat types based on the level of access and control required by different team members. This level of customisation ensures that businesses only pay for the access they need.

  • Ease of Use: The model reinforces HubSpot's commitment to making its platform as easy to buy as it is to use, aligning with the needs of businesses seeking simplicity and efficiency in their operations​.

2. For Existing Customers

HubSpot's pricing will remain the same during the migration process for existing customers. HubSpot will share more details of the migration timelines in March 2024.

  • Gradual Transition: Existing customers will not see immediate changes to their current subscriptions. This provides existing customers with time to understand and plan for any changes to their subscriptions in the future.

  • Long-term Scalability: As existing customers' businesses grow, the new model offers a more scalable solution for expanding their use of HubSpot. They can add or adjust their seat types according to evolving business needs without a complete overhaul of their subscription.

  • Continued Support and Value: HubSpot's announcement indicates a commitment to providing ongoing value to its customers, ensuring that the platform continues to evolve in ways that support business growth and operational efficiency. The flexibility of the new model is a testament to HubSpot's focus on adapting to customer needs over time​.

Need help navigating these changes?

BBD Boom, as a leading HubSpot partner, is dedicated to helping businesses navigate the changes introduced by HubSpot's new pricing model. Our team of experts is here to provide you with valuable guidance and support, ensuring that you maximise the potential of HubSpot for your business.

With our assistance, you can harness the capabilities of HubSpot's new pricing model to enhance your marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and help you choose the right pricing tier and seat types that aligns with your budget and objectives.

Don't let the changes in HubSpot's pricing model overwhelm you. Partner with BBD Boom and let us guide you through the transition, enabling you to capitalise on the opportunities presented by HubSpot's innovative platform. Together, we can propel your business forward and achieve remarkable growth and success.

Get in touch with us here.

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