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Mastering Targeted Campaigns with HubSpot

Find out how Cotes' overcame challenges with targeted marketing campaigns using HubSpot. Learn from their journey of refining outreach strategies and streamlining partner interactions in the dry-air solution manufacturing industry. Gain insights into the power of collaboration and specialised expertise in elevating business success. An inspiring read for companies seeking to enhance their marketing efforts and connect more effectively with their target audience.

Mastering Targeted Campaigns with HubSpot


In an era where precision targeting is paramount for business success, companies strive to refine their outreach strategies to better resonate with their core audience. Cotes, a leading player in the dry-air solutions manufacturing industry, found themselves facing challenges in their targeted marketing campaigns and sought a partner to help them navigate these complexities and streamline partner interactions. This case study explores Cotes' journey, highlighting the challenges they faced, the solutions BBD Boom provided, and the transformative outcomes they achieved together.

The Challenge

Cotes’ search for a HubSpot partner with expertise in marketing campaigns was driven by the need to enhance their outreach and improve campaign performance. Their strategies and absence of precise targeting in their campaigns, rather than attracting the desired audience, frequently drew in irrelevant leads - a result that was far from their aspirations. Beyond these marketing challenges, Cotes also needed support with developing a centralised portal due to their high number of sales through partners. Such a platform was deemed essential in fortifying the bond between Cotes and their partners, ensuring seamless collaboration and fostering mutual growth.

The Solution

BBD Boom seamlessly integrated Cotes' social media platforms with their HubSpot CRM, granting Cotes the capability to target specific companies and industries with improved precision. BBD Boom then took the reins of campaign creation and management, crafting strategies  for maximum reach and effectiveness. Furthermore, BBD Boom developed a partner portal for Cotes, connecting their SharePoint to HubSpot in a secure environment. This portal became the single source of information for Cotes' partners, offering them a one-stop source of technical support, knowledge-building resources, and news updates. With BBD Boom at the helm of campaign strategies, Cotes could focus on other core aspects of their business.

The Outcome

With BBD Boom's intervention, Cotes experienced a notable improvement in their marketing campaigns. The targeted approach meant they were no longer overwhelmed with irrelevant leads. As Cotes transitioned from single-digit to double-digit monthly leads, they concentrated on the right industries and companies. The partner portal emerged as an integral component of Cotes' partner sales, consolidating all necessary information and support in a single, accessible location. Despite these advancements in targeting, the journey of improvement for Cotes is ongoing. They continue to refine their strategies, adapting to evolving market needs, ensuring that Cotes remains at the forefront of market trends and customer expectations.

"BBD Boom has provided valuable support in refining our marketing strategies. Their expertise and collaborative approach have helped us target the right audience and streamline our partner interactions." - Benjamin T., Cotes

The Future

As Cotes continues to evolve, their collaborative relationship with BBD Boom remains an important aspect of their marketing strategy. Even as they harness their in-house expertise, Cotes consistently recognises BBD Boom as a trusted partner and consultant. They frequently seek BBD Boom's guidance for direction and overcoming challenges. By synergising their internal strengths with the expertise of BBD Boom, Cotes crafts a comprehensive and robust strategy for their platforms and campaigns, ensuring their sustained success in the future.

Cotes' journey with BBD Boom stands as an inspiring example of how collaboration and specialised expertise can elevate marketing campaigns and better connect with target audiences. If your company is considering a similar path and exploring how a partnership could be beneficial, we invite you to consider the possibilities. Let's discover together how collaboration can unlock new potentials for your business. Reach out to us today.

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