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Marketo and Salesforce to HubSpot

Moving from one business platform to another can be a nightmare. Read our case study to find out how Boom seamlessly did it for a global business.

Marketo and Salesforce to HubSpot

The Brief

Rosslyn Data Technologies is a software company providing procurement and master data management solutions.

Before coming to Boom for help, Rosslyn originally used Salesforce and Marketo for their sales and marketing activities, but this was not working for them. They suffered from unreliable data, which meant that their marketing efforts were restricted, as they were unsure whether the data they had was compliant or useful. They also struggled with Salesforce, as the business had changed so much that the process wasn’t reflective of what the business as a whole needed. It was clear that Rosslyn needed a more intelligent system that allowed for sophisticated automation and acted as a single source of truth for the business.

The Solution

The best proposition for Rosslyn was BBD Boom’s managed onboarding program for HubSpot Marketing and Sales Enterprise. 

The first step for Rosslyn was to clean their CRM, so their data was accurate and of good quality. To do this, an initial lead generation campaign was put in place to bring in fresh contact and company data. On the sales side, the BBD Boom team started from scratch by mapping out the user journey, pulling together a plan of everything that needed to be implemented in HubSpot to best fit Rosslyn’s Sales use case. 

As there are so many teams at Rosslyn, one of the biggest challenges was ensuring that an action from one team wouldn’t affect any other one. This resulted in a lot of consideration and planning around different user permissions for the various teams involved, as well as how the automations would interact with each other. 

A unique ‘Sales Exception’ dashboard was also created to highlight any anomalies in the sales process and help the team maintain the process. This included deals left in certain stages for too long, deals where the value dropped significantly, or deals that moved around in the pipeline too much.

Once everything was put in place, the Client Success Team trained every department within Rosslyn to ensure that everyone in the organisation was clear on how to use all the features in their HubSpot package.

The Results

This project has been extremely beneficial to Rosslyn. 

Implementing the initial lead generation campaign has meant that Rosslyn now has quality, compliant data that they can use for their marketing campaigns. Additionally, a big success is that their CRM is now organised and accurate, allowing the team members to have a clearer idea of the customer journey.

The project was successful in automating more processes for Rosslyn, which was a huge necessity for them so they could spend less time on the manual entries and use their time elsewhere. As there are a lot of team members, the user permissions have also been imperative for Rosslyn’s continuity. 

Another useful implementation was that, as well as a standard sales pipeline, Boom also created an additional, bespoke renewables pipeline. This means that a closed won deal for the appropriate product in the sales pipeline would generate a deal in the renewables pipeline for account management, which is something that was really helpful for the Rosslyn. 

What Next?

Boom continues to work closely with Rosslyn to create campaigns using HubSpot, as well as continuous support to make improvements to their Hubspot portal. For example, Boom has recently implemented a presales support request process, as well as a custom object to help the CS team track pieces of advocacy.

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