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Advanced Revenue Reporting with HubSpot

Global marketing agency Incubeta partnered with BBD Boom to address the challenges associated with its global reporting and sales processes. With a widespread presence and diverse client base, Incubeta sought a solution to streamline its reporting capabilities and enhance visibility into its sales pipeline. Collaborating closely with Incubeta's team, BBD Boom leveraged the power of enhanced HubSpot integration to revolutionise its revenue insights, enabling the business to make data-driven decisions and drive business growth effectively.

Advanced Revenue Reporting with HubSpot
The Challenge

With operations spanning across different countries and catering to diverse clients, Incubeta faced significant hurdles in consolidating and analysing data for effective reporting and sales tracking using HubSpot’s recurring revenue reports. 

The existing reports lacked sufficient filtering options, making it challenging to analyse data related to international teams and multiple currencies. Moreover, the reports only focused on recurring revenue and did not allow for the inclusion of one-time payments. Incubeta needed a solution that could consolidate all relevant revenue data into a single report and provide greater flexibility for filtering and analysis.

The Solution

BBD Boom devised a solution by creating a custom object called "revenues" within HubSpot. This custom object was associated with contact records, company records, and deal records, enabling the capture and organisation of revenue data. To implement this solution, a custom-coded workflow was developed, requiring HubSpot's Operations Hub Professional licence. This workflow automatically pushed data from deal records to the custom revenue object, ensuring that all relevant revenue information was accurately recorded. The custom report was then built based on the revenue object, offering more flexibility and comprehensive filtering options.

The implementation involved studying HubSpot's data structures and leveraging the custom object to store revenue data associated with each deal. Through the custom workflow, revenue objects were created and updated in real time whenever deals were modified. This process enabled the generation of detailed reports that included both recurring and one-time revenue, along with the ability to filter data based on various parameters such as teams, currencies, and deal categories.

The Outcome

The project's outcome transformed Incubeta's sales processes and provided valuable insights into forecasted revenue, closed deals, and expected business growth. By adopting the custom recurring revenue reports, Incubeta gained enhanced visibility into their sales pipeline, facilitating more informed decision-making. The restructured sales process, combined with the custom reports, resulted in improved efficiency and better overall revenue management. The ability to consolidate recurring and one-time revenue in a single report eliminated the need for multiple reports, saving time and streamlining data analysis.

“Working with BBD Boom has been a game-changer for us. The knowledge and advice they provided, coupled with the smooth implementation process, significantly improved our systems. HubSpot now plays a central and crucial role for us and it's an integral part of our operations.” –  Helge Matthiessen, Incubeta

The Future

BBD Boom and Incubeta are continuing their collaboration beyond the completion of this project. The partnership has already involved system mapping projects for Incubeta's sales and marketing teams. Moving forward, the focus will shift towards client delivery system mappings, specifically addressing the post-sales processes and handover procedures. 

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