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The Impact of Partnering with BBD Boom and Implementing HubSpot

BBD Boom transformed Kitt Offices' marketing strategy, leading to a significant increase in lead generation through targeted social media campaigns and the successful implementation of HubSpot for their entire workforce.

The Impact of Partnering with BBD Boom and Implementing HubSpot

Kitt Offices is a commercial office space rental agency that works with companies in a multitude of industries providing them with end-to-end service in finding, designing and managing their workspace.

With sporadic marketing efforts and a lack of marketing and sales alignment, they realised something needed to change in the business, and they found themselves looking at HubSpot as their solution. With the extensive feature set HubSpot offers, it was clear partnering up with an agency like BBD Boom was the best option.

They came to BBD Boom without any real approach to a marketing strategy plan and found themselves struggling to identify the source of their leads.

Our excellent reviews and company culture resulted in this partnership.

Boom’s team implemented:

  • Marketing Hub Enterprise onboarding
  • Sales and Service Hub Professional onboarding
  • Facebook and LinkedIn Ad campaigns
  • HubSpot training

Since the implementation, Kitt has seen positive results in their marketing efforts. They have been able to measure their results through KPIs and have been impressed with the responsiveness of BBD Boom. 

They have been able to focus on content creation and road mapping, and have received excellent execution on campaigns. 

Kitt plans to continue to work with BBD Boom to level up their campaigns, possibly hire in-house staff, grow their team, and do more analysis and A/B testing on their website rebuild. 

BBD Boom produced 2 social media campaigns across the course of the partnership, totaling 99 leads from LinkedIn and 93 leads from Facebook.

As a result of Boom’s services, it has left Kitt much more confident in running and optimising their own campaigns as well as now being able to use HubSpot within the wider team. 

They now produce more content than ever before and have put themselves in a strong position to rebrand the company in the new year.

Money SuperMarket - White
Quidco - White
Alcumus - White
Alchemy - White
Incisive - White
TrooCost - White
Engine - White
Fidelity - White
Avado - White
Ascott Lloyd - White
Montgomery - White
Reconomy - White
Cotes - White
Cambridge University - White
Vitrue Health - White
British Assessment - White
Source BioScience - White
Modulr - White
Roxhill - White
Kitt Offices - White
Property Alliance - White
Zurich - White

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