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758% ROI with Content Strategy

Here's how we helped Lumi Global achieve 758% ROI with an inbound content strategy to add value to their target audience by addressing their pain points.

758% ROI with Content Strategy

The Brief

Lumi is the dominant player globally in the provision of software and real-time audience engagement technology to facilitate Annual General Meetings for Companies, Associations, Legislative Bodies, Membership Organizations and Partnerships. Lumi enjoy a largely unchallenged position in servicing the AGM market in the UK, and a dominant position in other core regions. This near total market penetration in our core sector meant that growth was becoming tougher, and expansion into another market (s) was critical.

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The Solution

This was primarily content driven strategy, designed to add value to our target audience by addressing their pain points. And in order to appeal to the target audience Boom first spent time learning about their pain points. From this, Boom were able to create target personas that would always be front of mind when planning campaigns.

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Proof of Concept

However, the starting point was actually a proof of concept event in conjunction with Memberwise, the UK’s largest association for membership professionals. Lumi provided voting devices for use at their annual conference, in all the keynote sessions. 

This event saw a fantastic engagement with technology. It also helped Lumi create awareness within their target market in the best way possible – through using and experiencing our technology first hand.

From this, Boom and Lumi moved into the first stage of the content campaign, a top-of-funnel campaign in the form of an Ebook. This was a gated campaign, meaning users had to exchange their contact details to be able to download the content. To date, this remains Boom’s best ever performing campaign.

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Qualifying the leads

After establishing credibility with their audience, the campaign sought to move prospects through the qualification funnel using a further mix of gated and ungated content comprising infographics, video, product guides and case studies. 

The campaign was supported by some targeted paid-for social media, using the demographic targeting on the LinkedIn platform to further expand the reach.

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The Result

Outside of the obvious core metrics of Open Rate, CTR and Conversion rate to establish the initial level of engagement, Boom then looked at both Closed, Won, Delivered Revenue and Pipeline revenue – the platform used by Boom is purchased, in the main, on an annual basis so it was important to recognise the future revenue generated as a result of this campaign.

The campaign delivered a 758% ROI based on CWD business. Including the pipeline value, this increased to 1600% ROI. We achieved a 15% penetration of our ABM target prospect list and increased the number of prospects in our pipeline by 87%. 

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What Next?

Lumi signed a 12 month contract in which they get a fully managed content campaign each month. These campaigns include a lead magnet that is written and designed by Boom, social posts and paid social ads which lead to an adjusted landing page and thank you page, workflows are set up and automated. Finally Boom provide lead scoring and reporting of the campaigns success.

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