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Enhancing CRM and Operational Efficiency with HubSpot

Explore Roxhill Media's transformative journey with BBD Boom to overcome CRM challenges using HubSpot. This case study highlights Roxhill's shift from Capsule to HubSpot, enhancing sales operations, customer engagement, and overall efficiency. Learn about the strategic collaboration, process optimisation, and impressive outcomes, including increased efficiency and business growth.

Enhancing CRM and Operational Efficiency with HubSpot
Roxhill, a leading digital PR software company, faced operational challenges with their previous CRM system, Capsule, which hindered efficient sales operations and customer engagement. Seeking a comprehensive solution, they decided to invest in HubSpot. By partnering with BBD Boom, a trusted HubSpot consultancy firm, Roxhill overcame their challenges and achieved significant operational efficiencies, ultimately driving growth in their subscription-based business model.
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The Challenge
Prior to adopting HubSpot, Roxhill encountered limitations with Capsule, which excelled in outbound marketing but fell short in managing sales operations and customer engagement effectively. The absence of an integrated system caused disconnection and duplications, leading to inefficiencies and inaccurate reporting.
The Solution
Roxhill's decision to invest in HubSpot was strategic, with a focus on addressing their sales and account management needs. To optimise the implementation, they collaborated with BBD Boom, a HubSpot recommended consultancy. BBD's team worked closely with Roxhill to understand their unique challenges and optimised HubSpot to align with their processes.
The collaborative effort involved:
  • Fixing misaligned associations and integrating HubSpot with their invoicing system
  • Standardising processes to leverage HubSpot's default workflows and capitalise on future updates
  • Enhancing HubSpot's capabilities for marketing, sales, and account management needs
The Outcome 
The implementation of HubSpot and collaboration with BBD yielded remarkable results. Roxhill's sales and account management teams became approximately 10% more efficient, while marketing also saw improvements. Automation and streamlined processes allowed their finance team to achieve significant time savings. Additionally, the optimised HubSpot setup prepared Roxhill for future growth, with a 30% increase in business and a successful second product launch.
Advice for Businesses Considering HubSpot:
Ollie, Roxhill's head of commercial, advises businesses to thoroughly understand HubSpot's capabilities and align their processes with its standard workflows. Leveraging HubSpot's inherent efficiency and regularly updated features offers long-term benefits.
The Future
Looking ahead, Roxhill is poised to build on its achievements and capitalise on the strong foundation established through the optimised HubSpot implementation. The company aims to consolidate its marketing efforts around HubSpot, leveraging its comprehensive reporting capabilities to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. With BBD's ongoing support, Roxhill will continue refining its content strategy, managing paid media campaigns, and receiving dedicated HubSpot assistance.
‘I cannot believe the return that we are already seeing on the investment we made with you’ - Oliver Kelly, Roxhill Media
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