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Advanced HubSpot Onboarding in 30 Days

Six Degrees are a transformational technology service provider that specialises in cloud-led technology.

Advanced HubSpot Onboarding in 30 Days

The Brief

Six Degrees are a transformational technology service provider that specialises in cloud-led technology. They needed a significantly accelerated HubSpot Marketing Pro onboarding process in order to get up and running before their existing Marketo license renewed. This wasn't just a simple setup of HubSpot features; it required a meticulous replication of crucial business functions from Marketo, including workflows, properties, and forms, which are integral to their operations.

Encountering limitations with Marketo, Six Degrees sought to enhance their marketing capabilities through HubSpot. However, they lacked the internal expertise for a smooth transition. This called for a hands-on, expertly guided transfer and onboarding process. As well as feeling restrained by their current software, they were also paired with the challenge of finding a partner who would be able to effectively onboard them in time. The typical HubSpot onboarding takes about 90 days, but due to time constraints and the urgency of their situation, Six Degrees needed a partner who could expedite this process. BBD Boom stepped up to this challenge, promising to complete the onboarding in just 30 days, showcasing their proficiency in rapid, effective CRM system onboarding.

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The Solution

The solution devised for Six Degrees' onboarding to HubSpot was underpinned by meticulous strategising and an extensive planning phase. This initial stage was crucial for understanding the breadth and depth of Six Degrees' requirements. Given the company's size and the diversity of its sub-teams for different products, each with unique needs, the scoping period was carefully tailored to ensure a comprehensive understanding of all project deliverables and their respective use cases.

Recognising the substantial differences in functionality between HubSpot and Marketo, BBD Boom employed a high degree of creative thinking and problem-solving. This approach was essential to bridge the gap between the two platforms, ensuring that critical business functions within Marketo were effectively replicated in HubSpot without loss of functionality or data integrity.

Communication played a pivotal role throughout the project. Regular interactions, including weekly meetings and daily calls, facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas and feedback. This constant dialogue ensured that any issues were promptly addressed and that the project remained on track despite the ambitious timeline.

Six Degrees' proactive involvement was a key factor in the project's success. Their eagerness to learn and hands-on approach fostered a collaborative atmosphere, making the onboarding process a joint effort rather than a one-sided implementation. This collaborative spirit was enhanced by BBD Boom's commitment to training and knowledge transfer, ensuring that the Six Degrees team was not only equipped with a new system but also the skills and confidence to use it effectively.

This comprehensive and collaborative approach to onboarding was notably more intensive than standard processes, tailored to meet the unique challenges and tight timeframe of the project. The result was a well-orchestrated and successful transition to HubSpot, setting a new standard for rapid CRM migration and implementation.

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The Results

With the implementation of HubSpot, Six Degrees were able to do things that they initially didn’t think were possible. The platform's extensive functionality enabled new strategies that were previously considered unfeasible which ultimately enhanced their marketing strategy. Throughout the process, Six Degrees' staff received comprehensive training and collaborated closely, which built their confidence in using the system independently for campaign initiation post-migration. The final setup of their HubSpot portal was so expertly executed that it appeared as if they had been using it for years. The end result was an effective, well-structured system, with all the advanced functionality that most HubSpot users would take years to implement.

If your business is looking for a seamless and efficient transition to HubSpot, just like Six Degrees experienced, don't hesitate to reach out. Our expert team is ready to guide you through every step of the onboarding process, ensuring a tailored approach that meets your unique needs.

Contact us today to begin your journey towards a more effective and streamlined CRM strategy with HubSpot. Let's work together to achieve remarkable results for your business.

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