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Enhancing Operational Efficiency with HubSpot

Explore how Tigerhall revolutionised their operations by integrating with HubSpot in collaboration with BBD Boom. This case study highlights Tigerhall’s challenges in managing a diverse range of initiatives and their journey towards a streamlined, efficient system using HubSpot. Learn about the custom solutions, including sales pipeline creation and automation implementation, that transformed Tigerhall’s contact management, enhancing overall operational efficiency and team collaboration.

 Enhancing Operational Efficiency with HubSpot


Tigerhall is the go-to platform for B2B enterprise organisations looking to accelerate internal change and align with key strategic goals. Specialising in cross-functional collaboration and two-way knowledge exchange, they drive a range of change initiatives— from M&A and ESG to customer segment shifts and sales productivity improvements. Like many businesses, they faced challenges in consolidating their operations and ensuring seamless contact management. Tigerhall’s sales team was already familiar with HubSpot, but they needed a way to integrate other crucial teams into the system. This case study will unravel the journey of Tigerhall's integration with HubSpot, transitioning from their traditional Excel sheets, and discover how it revolutionised their operations.


The Challenge

Due to Tigerhall’s ever growing list of Thinkfluencers (senior business leaders across the globe), Tigerhall’s content team grappled with the intricacies of managing close relationships with detailed information on correspondences and key details required to assist their selection of Thinkfluencers for the right opportunities with clients. Furthermore, their customer success team encountered difficulties in obtaining information smoothly from the sales teams. The existing system lacked the capability to provide a consolidated view of the onboarding process for content creators and new clients. The disjointed platforms made it challenging to have a comprehensive understanding of each contact's journey, and the expert team's process documentation using Excel sheets needed an upgrade. Tigerhall sought a streamlined solution that would seamlessly integrate all teams into HubSpot, providing a unified platform for efficient contact management and tracking.

The Solution

Recognising the unique challenges faced by Tigerhall, BBD Boom crafted a tailored solution. By delving deep into Tigerhall's operations, BBD Boom initiated the integration of all teams into the existing HubSpot portal. This involved:

  1. Sales Pipeline Creation: A dedicated pipeline was established for the expert team, ensuring a structured approach to track the onboarding process of new content creators.

  2. Automation Implementation: Workflows were set up to automate various tasks, such as updating deal stages and notifying relevant slack channels about required actions.

  3. Playbooks and Forms: These tools were introduced as a discovery platform, ensuring relevant information was captured and fed into the appropriate properties in HubSpot.

  4. Onboarding Pipeline: A dedicated pipeline was set up for the customer success team, ensuring seamless transfer of information from closed sales deals, thereby streamlining the onboarding process.

The Outcome 

The transformative solution offered by BBD Boom supported Tigerhall's operations. With a unified HubSpot platform, the teams could efficiently track and manage each contact's journey. The expert team could now seamlessly onboard content creators, and manage them more effectively. The customer success teams could also refer to these creator contacts using special views to identify the right creator for the right client. They also found the onboarding process for new clients to be more streamlined and easy to track on a macro-level.

The integration not only enhanced operational efficiency but also garnered positive feedback from Tigerhall, validating the success of the project. The consolidated view of both recurring and one-time revenue in a single report eliminated redundancies, leading to time savings and more streamlined data analysis.

“It was a joy working with BBD Boom. They understood our needs, set up what was required and made insightful suggestions on ways to improve the workflow. They made a daunting task a lot more approachable to allow this change to occur. ” – Nashita Pillay, Tigerhall, Head of Strategic Initiatives

The Future

While there are no immediate plans for additional projects, the foundation laid by BBD Boom has empowered Tigerhall's teams to operate more independently and efficiently on HubSpot. The potential for future collaborations remains promising, with both parties open to exploring new avenues.

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About Tigerhall 

Tigerhall is recognised as the modern organisational enablement solution. It drives cross-functional collaboration and two-way knowledge exchange, accelerating internal change to successfully implement initiatives aligned with your strategic goals, like customer segment shifts, sales productivity improvements, customer experience model changes, M&A, or ESG.

Drawing on insights provided by over 1,500 global experts, Tigerhall tailors its high-impact resources to precisely match the unique needs of each team and individual. Whether it's breaking down geographic and linguistic barriers, streamlining communications, or scaling internal expertise, Tigerhall provides quantifiable results that align with and actively drive your strategic initiatives forward.

Leading industry giants like AWS, HP, Adobe, Mondelez, and Cisco trust Tigerhall to conquer their challenges in managing and implementing change initiatives, no matter the scale. Plus, Tigerhall seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, enhancing your daily operations without causing any disruptions.

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