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Advance your Sales Team and Process with HubSpot Automation

October 6, 2021

Webinar Overview

No matter your area of expertise or department, HubSpot’s value proposition of Workflow automation can seamlessly turn your administrative nightmares into a perpetual dream. 

Acting as the connector between a prospect and a business, sales is a role where you cannot afford data silos and information slipping through cracks. So avoid the risk of manual work and let HubSpot automate!

Automate your follow-up, personalise and tailor sales emails, and automate lead rotation and task creation with HubSpot Workflows and Sequences. Join Sales Manager at HubSpot, Erol Aykan, as we explore advanced HubSpot automations for sales teams and beyond. In this value packed webinar, we explored:

  • Impact of Manual processes on Sales People and your Business
  • Using Automation to Enable Your Sales Team and your sales process
  • Use Cases for Sales reps
  • Use Cases for Sales Managers

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Adam Lewis

Adam Lewis

Co-Founder and Solutions Architect
Erol Aykan

Erol Aykan

Sales Manager
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