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HubSpot Live Demo - Marketing, Sales & Service Hub

November 28, 2022

Webinar Overview

Whether you're an avid HubSpot user, just getting started or even looking into purchasing the software, this upcoming live demo webinar will provide you with plenty of useful information on 3 of the biggest hubs in HubSpot. 

Regardless of the size and expertise of your business, this is a must see.

HubSpot is a powerful piece of software with a multitude of tools and features. 

With so many different areas to it, it's important to understand how to best utilise its offerings and make the most out of its more complex elements. 

During our upcoming webinar we will show you how and what thousands of Canadian companies are missing out on!

Join Clarinda Cheon, HubSpot Strategist and Tommy Price, CRM Consultant of HubSpot Elite Partner BBD Boom as they give you a live demo of HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs. 

They’ll show you how to navigate them and how they should be used to allow your business to grow and improve productivity. 

The many useful aspects of each of these hubs will be captured in our 10 minute demos, followed by a Q&A session.

What to expect during the webinar:

  • Live demo on HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales & service Hubs
  • Insights into real use case applications of HubSpot
  • Q&A session with 2 HubSpot experts

Monday 28th November 11am - 12pm, Toronto, CA (EST)

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Tommy Price

Tommy Price

Solutions Team Leader
Clarinda Cheon

Clarinda Cheon

Client Strategist
Andy Silvers

Andy Silvers

Head of Client Success
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