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How to Use HubSpot AI for Smarter Selling

March 26, 2024

Webinar Overview

Is your sales strategy AI-mpowered yet?

Discover how you can supercharge your sales efforts with HubSpot AI and equip your sales team with the tools and knowledge they need to turn prospects into customers faster than ever before. Join our webinar, "How to Use HubSpot AI for Smarter Selling," and unlock the full potential of your sales force. 

What you’ll learn:

  • How to use AI for customer insights and sales opportunities
  • How to optimise and personalise your sales outreach with AI
  • How to automate routine tasks and boost team’s productivity
  • How to accelerate deals and shorten the sales cycle

We'll guide you through all of our favourite HubSpot AI tools that will help you streamline sales processes, enhance customer interactions, and identify opportunities by gaining a better understanding of your customers’ needs. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your sales process and achieve unprecedented results with HubSpot's AI. 

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Wednesday, 27th March 3PM-3:30PM

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Huw Roberts

Huw Roberts

Head of Sales, BBD Boom
Lorraine Rowley

Lorraine Rowley

Account Executive, HubSpot
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