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Improve Customer Retention with HubSpot Service Hub

May 29, 2024

Webinar Overview

How do you market to existing customers? How are you managing your customer experience post-sale? Are you using any customer service tools at all?

We understand that today maintaining customer loyalty is more challenging than ever before. Customer retention rates are stagnant, budgets are shrinking, and the pressure to do more with less continues to rise. 

We believe it’s time for a service revolution, not just an evolution. A revolution focused on delivering customer value, leveraging digital strategies, and scaling with AI. 

Join us to discover how to:

  • Transform your approach to customer service
  • Enable faster customer support through AI-powered self-service
  • Improve customer experience with advanced insights
  • Grow customers smarter, with proactive tools that increase retention.

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30th May, Thursday, 3PM - 3:30 PM BST

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Clarinda Cheon

Clarinda Cheon

Client Strategist
Mohammed Goess

Mohammed Goess

Enterprise Account Executive, HubSpot
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