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Inbound 2022 Highlights

September 22, 2022

Webinar Overview

Inbound22’s Highlights - Key Takeaways from HubSpot’s Live Event in Boston, MA

Did you hear that Obama spoke at INBOUND22? What!

That was just one of many exciting happenings at this year's (finally) LIVE event in Boston. 

INBOUND promises to bring a plethora of inspiring business trends, proactive conversations, and key actionable takeaways that future you will appreciate. 

This year was no different.

With the dozens of events going on throughout the three days, it’s so important to cut through all the noise and focus on what is really relevant to your business. 

This is exactly why Boom is taking the reins to deliver exactly what you need to hear.

Join Lisa Kelly from HubSpot, Katie Townsend and Clarinda Cheon from BBD Boom; as we dive into the most anticipated events and key takeaways from HubSpot’s INBOUND 2022 event. 

We will be breaking down everything you may have missed at INBOUND, delivering to you a care package of actionable insights especially relevant to the B2B technology industry, so you can be confident you made the most out of the biggest HubSpot event of the year.

In this value packed session, we be talking about: 

  • What is Inbound?
  • How did it feel attending the event live after emerging from a pandemic?
  • Katie’s favourite events of the year
  • Lisa product updates announcement
  • Key takeaways from Inbound 22
  • What should we expect to see in Inbound23?

Thursday 22nd September 11am - 12pm London, UK (BST) 

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Katie Townsend

Katie Townsend

Acquisition Consultant
Lisa Kelly

Lisa Kelly

Principal Channel Consultant
Clarinda Cheon

Clarinda Cheon

Client Strategist
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