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The Power of HubSpot CRM (Part 1): How to Streamline your Sales Flow

May 23, 2023

Webinar Overview

Welcome to our comprehensive two-part webinar series that explores the extensive capabilities and powerful features of Hubspot’s CRM. 

Part one of the webinar series, happening on 23rd May at 3pm BST, focuses on showing you how to ditch the sea of spreadsheets, transitioning from siloed to streamlined with HubSpot’s comprehensive CRM. 

BBD Boom’s Co-Founder Adam Lewis and Principal Customer Success Manager, Cian Mcloughlin from HubSpot, will be walking you through why you should use Hubspot and how to make the transition.

In this session, we'll cover:

- Introduction to CRM and why it’s important
- Why to choose HubSpot over another CRM
- Practical tips for making a smooth transition
- Q&A

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Tuesday 23rd May at 3-4pm BST

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Adam Lewis

Adam Lewis

Co-Founder and Solutions Architect, BBD Boom
Cian McLoughlin

Cian McLoughlin

HubSpot - Principal Customer Success Manager
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