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The Ultimate HubSpot CRM Brief: Strategies for Seamless Migration

January 23, 2024

Webinar Overview

Considering a switch to HubSpot CRM or need a rescue plan post-migration? Our upcoming webinar, "The Ultimate HubSpot CRM Brief: Strategies for Seamless Migration", offers a smooth roadmap for your CRM transition. Whether you're planning your migration or looking for ways to rectify a less-than-ideal start, our session, led by industry experts, is your solution.

Key Topics We'll Cover:

  • Effective Migration Planning: Learn the essentials of a well-prepared migration strategy and how to avoid common missteps.
  • Pre-Migration Essentials: Key considerations and data preparation techniques.
  • The Migration Journey: An overview of crucial steps and best practices.
  • Post-Migration Rescue: Already migrated but feeling lost? Learn how to navigate post-migration challenges.

Bonus for Attendees: Get Your FREE eBook!

By registering, you gain access to our exclusive eBook, a comprehensive guide to your HubSpot CRM migration. This resource is packed with strategies for every phase of the migration, from strategic planning to effective deployment, ensuring a successful HubSpot CRM implementation.

Ready to take your business to new heights with HubSpot? Register now for our transformative webinar and start your journey to CRM success. Make this pivotal decision today and thank yourself tomorrow!

Wednesday, 24th January 1PM-1:30PM GMT

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Adam Lewis

Adam Lewis

Co-Founder and Solutions Architect, BBD Boom
Huw Roberts

Huw Roberts

Head of Sales, BBD Boom
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