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A Quarantine Day in the Life of an Inbound Specialist: Tommy

June 12, 2020

Inbound Specialist Tommy Price shares a typical day working from home for BBD Boom to help clients to grow through inbound marketing techniques.

I first started with BBD Boom back in September 2018. I had taken a year out after studying my A-Levels at sixth form and was attending a digital marketing course at the Arts University in Bournemouth. Around that time, I knew this was something I wanted to do in the future and decided to take on an apprenticeship to pick up skills on the job rather than attending University. I chose BBD Boom as the place I wanted to do my apprenticeship not just due to the cool office environment, but also because it seemed like a place I could really grow to become an expert in my field.

Fast forward nearly 2 years and I went from Marketing Engineer Apprentice, to Inbound Specialist. I’m still learning every day doing extra courses on Udemy and Hubspot, whilst also helping clients grow through the power of inbound. Although no day is ever the same, here’s a typical day I might spend working from home for BBD Boom.


First and foremost, coffee. Been having black coffee as of late, accompanied by a long term favourite; french toast for breakfast. In the morning I would usually put on either a Joe Rogan podcast or one of the few audio books I’ve been listening to. Really into my non-fiction at the moment, listening to Stephen Covey’s, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” or Hector Garcia’s, “Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life”. On a good day (weather dependent), I like to go out on a walk round the block before I settle at my desk in my room.


Around this time is where I start to lock into the day ahead. I’ll organise my schedule by looking at my Forecast and will allocate tasks by urgency and importance. Doing this ensures I’m ready for the morning team meeting at 8:45. During the team meeting, everyone in the Boom team will outline their tasks for the day, highlighting any potential roadblocks so that they are addressed as early as possible. It’s also a nice time to catch up after the weekend to see what everyone got up to. 


On a typical day, I spend mornings checking through and optimising all the paid media campaigns we have going on for clients and the agency, then going onto pull some stats together for reports. I usually like to catch up with the rest of the solutions team via Google Hangouts to make sure we’re all aligned and assisted with anything we need help with.

Frequently at BBD Boom, we like to arrange team training sessions. As my expertise lay with paid media, I would be in charge of hosting sessions around how we run, report on, manage and optimise paid media campaigns. This is something about the agency I value; consistent sharing of knowledge and expertise.


As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, my job is not without spending a lot of time in the system. I will spend my time before lunch running through my list of HubSpot tasks, such as setting up chat-bots or speaking with our developers to set up, test and map some custom CRM integrations we have going on.


Lunch time. After a busy morning sitting at my desk, I like to get down to the kitchen to prep something to eat to fuel my afternoon. As we’re in lock-down, I can’t get in as much gym into my routine as I usually like. For this reason I’ve been trying to keep healthy by sticking to a nice salad and some sort of protein like steak, chicken or salmon.


In the afternoon I like to catch up with the one of the founders of the agency; Adam, to discuss new campaign ideas, performance, and leads. This is another thing I like about working for Boom, as it’s a small company, you constantly have contact with the entire org chart. I’ve found this key for my development in the role, as you have consistent feedback and input from individuals who have years of industry experience behind them. 

As well as this, I try to periodically stay on top of my emails and the threads between my coffee and snack breaks.


Lately, Boom has been working on a new campaign that offers SEO audits to prospects. These detail where their websites are lacking in their search engine optimisation, then providing recommendations on how they can improve it such as back-links and keywords. For this, I’ve taken responsibility in teaching myself how to use a new piece of software for me; AHrefs.

On top of this, as also a reporting specialist, I am in charge of providing our clients with revenue and attribution models. This involves presenting to clients on a regular basis around campaign or website performance. Presenting was really something I found difficult when I first started, but now I definitely see it as one of my strengths.


At the end of the day the company meets up over Google Hangouts to catch up and outline what was worked on throughout the day. This is an opportunity to highlight anything that I might need more time on or anything I didn’t get round to doing. If the day is Friday, the team finishes the week by hosting a Kahoot quiz, whereby the loser each week must prepare one for the next. I enjoy these as it adds as it's a casual, social end to the week that we feel we have missed out on by working at home.

After work, I like to wind down with either a run or another walk around Bournemouth whilst continuing to listen to my podcasts or audio book.

And there you have it! That’s a day in the life of me. Being an Inbound Specialist, no two days are ever the same, another reason why I like working here so much. Look out for our next day in the life post with Emma; one of our agency’s founders, to see what a typical day for her entails.

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