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Evaluating HubSpot's Business Units: A Strategic Choice for Multifaceted Businesses

June 14, 2023

In the fast-paced realm of digital marketing, the ability to adapt and scale is crucial for success. As businesses strive to manage multiple brands effectively, HubSpot – a prominent player in the industry – offers a powerful feature known as 'Business Units'. This feature aims to streamline the management of diverse brands under a single account. However, before deciding if this tool is the right fit for your business, it's important to evaluate its benefits and understand how it can enhance your marketing efforts.

Consolidating Brands: A Strategic Move

HubSpot's Business Units offer a unified platform that empowers businesses to manage diverse brands seamlessly. This feature enables organisations to execute cross-sell and upsell campaigns, effectively targeting various audience segments. Moreover, it provides the ability to monitor interactions and communication preferences for each brand, generating comprehensive performance reports at both macro and micro levels. By consolidating brands within a single account, businesses gain strategic advantages and holistic insights into their marketing efforts.

Streamlining Campaigns: Efficiency at its Best

One of the key advantages of HubSpot's Business Units is the streamlined execution of branded campaigns. This feature eliminates the need for extensive list building by allowing businesses to segregate contacts by brand or expand their target audience to include their entire customer base. Furthermore, it facilitates the separation of assets, conversions, and reports using built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) properties. By simplifying campaign execution, businesses can maximise efficiency and drive impactful marketing initiatives across their diverse brands

Maintaining Brand Identity: A Seamless Process

Consistency in brand identity is vital for establishing trust and recognition among consumers. HubSpot's Business Units recognises this need and provides brand kits, allowing businesses to organise design assets such as logos and colours by business unit. This ensures a cohesive and consistent brand identity across all campaign assets, relieving the design team from the repetitive task of sending the same design elements repeatedly. With a seamless process for maintaining brand identity, businesses can enhance brand recognition and reinforce their messaging effectively.

Subscription Management: A Unified Approach

Efficient subscription management is critical to delivering relevant and personalised communications to customers. HubSpot's Business Units offers a unified platform for managing and communicating across multiple brands. This feature provides a safe and straightforward way to view and manage subscription preferences by business unit, ensuring that customers receive communications tailored to their specific brand interactions. By adopting a unified approach to subscription management, businesses can enhance customer experiences and foster long-term loyalty.

Organising Marketing Assets: A Clutter-Free Solution

Effective organisation and categorisation of marketing assets are essential for efficient campaign management. HubSpot's Business Units simplify this process by eliminating the need for complex naming conventions or properties. businesses can easily categorise and filter web pages, landing pages, emails, forms, and blogs by business unit, ensuring a clutter-free and organised approach to managing assets. With a streamlined asset organisation system, businesses can save time, reduce errors, and optimise their marketing campaigns. 

The Strategic Choice: Business Units, Domains, or Multiple Accounts/Portals

As businesses evaluate their options for managing multiple brands within HubSpot, it's important to consider the strategic implications of each approach. HubSpot provides a decision-making chart to assist businesses in choosing between Business Units, domains, or multiple accounts/portals. This chart takes into account various factors such as brand ownership, the need for hosting content on multiple domains, and customer overlap across brands. By carefully weighing these factors, businesses can make an informed decision that aligns with their specific goals and requirements.

Key Takeaways

HubSpot's Business Units are a powerful tool for businesses managing multiple brands. By offering a streamlined approach to managing campaigns, assets, and contacts across diverse brands, this feature ensures that marketing efforts are always strategically aligned. If your business comprises multiple brands and you're seeking a way to simplify your marketing management, HubSpot's Business Units may warrant serious consideration. Embracing this innovative tool can empower your business to navigate the complexities of digital marketing with ease, enabling you to achieve scalable growth and maximise the impact of your brand strategies.

If you're considering implementing HubSpot's Business Units, our team of experts is here to help. Book a call with us today here, and let's explore how we can streamline your business operations and drive growth.

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