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Speeding Up the Sales Funnel - Is It as Easy as It Sounds?

March 23, 2018

A sales funnel is a long, complicated process in any business that takes a lot of time and planning to create.

A sales funnel is a long, complicated process in any business that takes a lot of time and planning to create.

A slow sale cycle can be frustrating, especially when time costs money and prospects are quick to shop about. But, there are certain things you can put in to place to speed up your sales cycle – and it’s not as hard it seems.


Marketing automation 

Use marketing automation to segment your prospects. You can do this through content, email marketing and even social media. Look at what your prospects are interacting with and how they are interacting with it. Are they clicking on certain links in an email? Or are they clicking through blog posts to your pricing page? Then use automation to respond accordingly.

For example, certain behaviours could trigger an email of a ‘special offer’ or a new product or service out, just to push your prospect over the line. Make sure you are nurturing your prospects effectively, and in turn your buyer journeys will become more refined, resulting in a faster and more effective sales funnel.

It takes a lot of time and planning to get it right, but once you have, your sales funnel will be more efficient and speedy, meaning more customers!


Relevant content 

Are you regularly creating content that your prospects can respond to? Make sure you are creating pieces that offer a solution to problems that they don’t know they have, therefore meaning they will look to your product or service for a solution.

Also, by having key pieces of content that your prospect can download, you can gain their contact details and do a bit of research on what help they may need in the future – meaning you’re always ahead of the game, and approaching with a consultative selling approach.


Be human

Remember to always be human. Don’t relentlessly chase your prospects – they won’t buy from you if you do that! You need to be genuinely helpful if you want to get anywhere. No one wants to buy from a robot who only see you as money rather than a client to be looked helped and nurtured.



Ensure that your buyer journeys are organised and planned effectively, because if they aren’t then you have no chance of speeding up your sales funnel! The key is to keep everything ticking over at once, as every little aspect works hand in hand to create and nurture leads more efficiently.

If you’d like more advice on how you can maximise your sales funnel, then please get in touch at – we’ll be more than happy to share our expertise with you!


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