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Top Channels for Lead Nurturing

November 06, 2017

After executing a successful inbound campaign you may have generates a few leads. If so – well done! But how do we ensure those leads stay hot?

After executing a successful Inbound Marketing Campaign you may have managed to generate a few exciting leads. If so – well done!

But how do we ensure those leads stay hot rather than turning cold? The answer to this is Lead Nurturing. Looking after your leads and guiding them through the sales funnel is key to ensuring they make the leap from lead to client.

Here you can find out more about why we set up a lead generation service. 



To help nurture your leads there are different channels – journeys if you will – you can use to aid the transition. Below are the top channels used to guide them on the journey to becoming a client.


Email Marketing

Not only is using email a great way to get potential customers on board, it can also be automated. Automatic, targeted emails sent at exactly the right moment is almost a sure way to peak a prospect’s interest.

Send out value-adding content via personalised emails. This ensures the lead is reminded of your company and why they came to you in the first place. Also, the major plus side of automation is that you get to kick back and enjoy the ride!


Social Media

Statistically, prospects are reached out to around ten times from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom – or to the point at which the lead becomes a client. What better place to reach out to them than on Social Media?

Social Media platforms such as Facebook are prime channels for targeting leads. This is because there are millions of users and hundreds of targeted advertising opportunities. Products or services that have been previously viewed by prospects on your website can appear on the side of their newsfeed. These act as both a reminder and a tactic for bringing them back to your website to make a purchase.



Another Lead Nurturing tactic is to appear as a “don’t forget about us” re-targeting advert. This is an excellent opportunity to slide in a promotion or offer that will draw the lead back to your website and close a deal. Re-targeting works well on platforms such as Facebook and Google. While seen to be intrusive at times, re-targeting is also effective when pushing promotions or products that the lead has already seen when visiting your site.

When choosing the channel for your Lead Nurturing programme, ensure that it is both relevant to your target consumer and likely to be effective in securing them as a hot lead. Don’t be disheartened if leads drop out of the sales funnel at any point, they could re-appear a few stages on and be closer to making a purchase!

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