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What You Should Expect From Your CMS

July 24, 2020

There are many factors to consider when choosing, but at the very least you should expect strong speed, security, and stability.

Deciding on the right CMS for your business is a big decision. There are many factors to consider when choosing, but at the very least you should expect strong speed, security, and stability. Let’s go into detail for each of these:


Strong site speed is imperative to your business if you expect visitors to stay. It is a fundamental expectation everyone has when landing on your homepage. In fact, according to Google, 53% of visitors will leave your site if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds or less. Ensure that when you choose a CMS, the bandwidth you receive will meet your needs and their infrastructure is set-up for your future success.

HubSpot’s CMS

In a test carried out by website monitoring software company; Pingdom, results showed HubSpot had faster site speeds and a higher Yslow score than leaders in the CMS market. These competitors included Drupal, Squarespace, and market leader, Wordpress.


Security has become a huge topic for marketers and small business owners. It’s not just important to keep your data secure, but also your company’s brand and reputation. Today, it seems like a day doesn’t go by without a report of a hacking incident, or news of user information being stolen. While hackers used to just target large government institutions and corporations, they are now turning to any vulnerable websites. Ensure that you talk to other marketers in the industry, look at reviews, and do research about CMS hacking incidents before making the decision on your own CMS.

HubSpot’s CMS

With 24/7 threat & security monitoring, flexible user permissions, and customised security settings to meet your specific needs, CMS Hub is an all-inclusive platform that doesn’t require any additional security software, taking the pain out of managing the security your company’s website.


For most companies today, a down website means lost revenue and opportunity. Most prominent CMSes publish uptime data that points to reliability, but as software continues to evolve and improve, there is always the possibility of it breaking your website or any content. Many fast growing companies have between 30-50 plugins, which results in a lot of technical complexity and security concerns. As a result, a technical resource is required to test plugins and updates before rolling them out to ensure that a plugin doesn’t suddenly stop working once an update is installed. When choosing a CMS, the less plugins you require, the better.

HubSpot’s CMS

HubSpot has a 99.999% uptime and a dedicated team that is constantly making websites hosted on the CMS faster, more secure, and more reliable. CMS Hub includes many of the leading CMS’s plugins built-in by default, such as spam protection, SSL, caching, SEO, and more. With HubSpot, all updates happen in the cloud so you never have to worry about new software updates impacting your site, content, or speed. In addition, the HubSpot marketplace has thousands of apps and assets that help extend the functionality of CMS Hub, all at your fingertips without the need for developers.

As you may be able to tell, we are slightly biased towards the HubSpot CMS. Being a HubSpot Diamond partner, we know more than anyone that HubSpot really is all you need for your CMS needs. If you feel like the HubSpot is the solution you have been looking for, click here to speak to our Growth Consultant about a demo.

Click here to learn more about HubSpot CMS Hub.

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