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Why You Should Integrate Your CRM with Sales Enablement

August 19, 2020

Your sales team has a hard enough job as it is. They have the most intimate relationship with your customers of anyone in your company.

Your sales team has a hard enough job as it is. They have the most intimate relationship with your customers of anyone in your company. And they are responsible for nurturing that relationship and making the business look good.

Why not make their job a little easier? It’s good for your sales team and good for the reputation of the business.

One way to quickly improve the experience of your sales reps and customers is to integrate your CRM with a sales enablement tool like HubSpot. Here’s why.

How CRM and sales enablement integration fits your inbound marketing strategy

While it’s true that having a CRM absolutely does help your sales reps to work better, it’s only the beginning of the equation. If that’s the only tool they have to help with their job, your conversions are going to be behind the competitors. It’s as simple as that.

So what’s the next step? Integration.

When you integrate your CRM with HubSpot’s sales enablement tools, you make the CRM’s functions vastly more effective. And you can automate a lot of processes that your sales team currently has to handle manually.

Check out the specific benefits you can get from integrating HubSpot with your CRM…

Benefits of integrating CRM and sales enablement tools

The actual benefits that companies are seeing from integration include:

● Reduction of time spent by the sales team manually entering notes. You want everything in the sales process documented, but your team members only have so much time in the day. Sometimes data gets left behind. With sales enablement, the process for data entry becomes automated, with less chance for lost data and other errors.

● Better ability to plan sales strategies. The benefits are not just for reps, either. When sales management has these tools in place, they can use the advanced reporting and analytics features to measure effectiveness of the sales and marketing teams. And they get a better overview of how the sales and marketing teams’ strategies are affecting each other.

● Reduce the number of tools your team has to work in. Many times, your sales reps have to open separate applications for sending emails, documenting those emails, making calls, and noting when a lead becomes qualified or converts to a paying customer. They don’t have to do this! You can set up connections that allow them to do almost all their work from one platform. It’s easier; it saves time; and it is more effective at generating sales faster.

Integrating your CRM with sales enablement means that not only will the sales team have an easier, more effective data processing system, but it would also mean that they have time and tools to do their jobs to the best of their ability, leading to great results.

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