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Leveraging HubSpot to Create a Single Source of Truth

Alliance City Living, the lettings and property management arm of market-leading Property Alliance Group, came to BBD Boom with a vision to create a single source of truth for its many moving parts. Read on to discover how we changed the narrative and customised HubSpot to become a fully integrated property management software that is now home to the entirety of ACL’s renewals and lettings processes.

Leveraging HubSpot to Create a Single Source of Truth

The Challenge

With a boom in the property market and an overwhelming number of enquiries, Alliance City Living (ACL) was searching for a solution that would streamline its sales and marketing processes, automate workflows, and provide a unified view of customer data. A cost-effective, centralised system that was not just flexible, adaptable and user friendly, but ensured the customer journey was at the heart of everything. And HubSpot fit the bill. 

The ACL team initially started the implementation themselves but soon decided they would benefit from guidance with regards to best practices, and support with customisation and delivery.


The Solution

Timelines were tight due to impending license renewals, so BBD Boom moved quickly to kickstart the project. To build out the right solution, the team undertook discovery sessions with key stakeholders to really capture use cases as a whole – being assiduous in looking at how the system could improve efficiencies, journeys and operational requirements before devising a plan for activation with integration mapping documents.

ACL opted for CMS Hub Enterprise, Marketing Hub Pro, Sales Hub Pro and Service Hub Pro, and the out-of-the-box, off-the-shelf versions did 90% of what ACL wanted, but there were infinite options for integration that were yet to be explored. 

As most will know, over the past year HubSpot has changed quite significantly, implementing its new feature for custom objects, which allows for a higher level of customisation within CRM systems – something the team knew would improve ACL’s system immensely. 

To ensure a smooth implementation, BBD Boom began by building out an Entity Relationship Diagram which mapped out the interrelations of standard entities (customers, contacts, deals) within HubSpot and reviewed custom objects on a deeper level. This was followed with an exploration of the user journey, the creation workflows for each stage, and automation of as many manual tasks as possible. 

With the new customisability, BBD Boom was able to help ACL to achieve one of its main use cases – to not just track building records and associated apartments but also tie those apartments back to specific individuals like landlords and tenants.

Another big milestone was integrations. ACL had been using two main systems outside of HubSpot: Yorlet, a system for property managers, and Alto, a platform enabling ACL to display property listings. The team built a two-way sync between Yorlet and HubSpot to automate the deal pipeline process and overcome manual overheads for communication, and also between Alto and HubSpot to enable listings to dynamically pull through to the website.  

With the customer journey at the forefront of ACL’s strategy, it was really important to enhance the experience at every touchpoint, ensuring there was regular communication even during busy times. With an increasingly busy team at ACL, BBD Boom looked to streamline and improve the efficiency of processes by pre-qualifying prospects through automated emails and funnels prior to direct contact. 

Overall, BBD Boom successfully delivered:

  • HubSpot onboarding
  • Zapier integration
  • Alto integration
  • Yorlet integration


The Outcome

Within six to twelve months, HubSpot became ACL’s single source of truth, with the centralised system now housing all of its lettings and renewals processes, from forecasting the availability of apartments to the future pipeline – and, importantly, all interactions between ACL and its customers.

Since the activation, from January 2022 to March 2023, ACL has successfully moved 13.1K deals through the pipeline; and, when speaking of the business’ experience with BBD Boom, Louise Mason, Group Head of Marketing, said: 

“We brought BBD Boom fully on board and it was a complete game changer. The Input of knowledge and advice, plus the ease of rolling out; [it was a] much quicker and slicker process and we definitely got a better system as a result. We’ve now rebuilt the bits we did ourselves…I can’t stress how important and central [HubSpot] now is to each of the different companies. It very much isn’t just a marketing system.”


The Future

The focus for 2023 is all about integration, including bringing the whole landlord journey into ACL’s HubSpot, going live with WhatsApp, working on a fix-flow integration, and scoping additional business units to bring into HubSpot.


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