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How to Transform Sales Operations with HubSpot

Discover how Countrywide Freight, a logistics company, transformed their sales operations by implementing HubSpot with the help of BBD Boom, and witnessed improved team performance, enhanced visibility, and streamlined processes, positioning them for future success in the dynamic logistics market.

How to Transform Sales Operations with HubSpot

The Background:

Countrywide Freight is a logistics company founded in 1976, specialising in Irish sea freight and supporting businesses to develop in the UK and Ireland by providing bespoke distribution solutions. With a vision to unify their sales efforts and streamline operations, Countrywide Freight sought a robust and user-friendly CRM system. Their goals were clear: to enhance team performance, provide better visibility into their pipeline and analytics, and drive business growth in a challenging logistical landscape. This case study explores their journey with BBD Boom and HubSpot, detailing the transformative impact of this strategic decision on their operations and future aspirations.

The Challenges:

Prior to working with BBD Boom, Diane Carroll, a Group Sales Director at Countrywide Freight, identified several key operational challenges that she and her sales team were facing. The company lacked a cohesive and efficient CRM system to unify and streamline their sales operations, manage customer relationships and give them more visibility into their pipeline and data. The absence of a robust and centralised CRM platform made it difficult to manage and report on sales activities, hindering their ability to effectively navigate their business growth in the ever-evolving logistics landscape.

The Solutions:

Countrywide Freight’s proactive approach led them to explore various CRM options on the market. After evaluating several systems, HubSpot was chosen for its cost-effectiveness, ease of implementation, and user-friendly interface. They collaborated with BBD Boom on the onboarding process and customised it to suit their vision and specific business needs. With BBD Boom’s Guided HubSpot Onboarding, Countrywide Freight received one-on-one guidance addressing their CRM goals and interactive training sessions covering a range of topics. Most importantly, they were offered flexibility to learn and implement at their own pace with ongoing support from BBD Boom’s team. 

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The Outcomes:

The implementation of HubSpot marked a significant transformation in Countrywide Freight's operations. The sales team quickly adapted to and appreciated the new system, particularly for its features like automated follow-up sequences and task management, leading to improved time management and customer engagement. Diane also noted a significant enhancement in the team performance visibility and effectiveness in sales operations and reporting. This marked improvement not only streamlined their internal processes but also positioned Countrywide Freight to better respond to the dynamic demands of the logistics market, setting a strong foundation for future growth and innovation.

"HubSpot, with its ease of implementation and robust capabilities, has transformed our sales process. It's not just a CRM; it's become the backbone of our sales and marketing strategies. Thanks to BBD Boom and Clarinda for guiding us through this transformation." 

- Diane Carroll, Group Sales Director at Countrywide Freight

The Future:

Looking ahead, Countrywide Freight aims to continuously improve the quality of their data within HubSpot to further enhance their operational efficiency and decision-making processes. There are potential plans of expanding their HubSpot platform by upgrading to Marketing Hub Professional to unlock more of its capabilities which would significantly augment their marketing strategies. This upgrade is expected to enable more sophisticated and targeted marketing campaigns, leveraging the power of automation and analytics to reach and engage their audience more effectively.

As Countrywide Freight looks to the future, their journey with HubSpot and BBD Boom stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology in modernising business operations. Their story is one of innovation, adaptability, and strategic growth, powered by a commitment to harnessing the best tools to serve their customers better.

Transform your business operations with HubSpot and experience streamlined processes, just like Countrywide Freight. Contact BBD Boom today to start your journey!

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